Mapmaker mapmaker, make me a map
one to one scale, without a single gap

Map every rock, every thought, every tree
and erase all the territory

- Joseph Gordon-Levitt,
The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories, Vol. 2

My name is Rudy and I am a cartographer, geospatialist and geographer.
My interest revolves around geography, geospatial analysis, people-environment dynamics, sustainability, conservation and cartography. I am passionate in solving environmental problems and helping communities to make better-informed decisions through maps and spatial thinking.


I make maps.

Curriculum Vitae

MSc, 2016GeographyUniversity of Oregon
BSc, 2013Geography, Cartography, GISUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
09·2017 - Present GIS Manager Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil
01·2017 - 07·2017 GIS Manager National University of Singapore
07·2016 - 09·2016 Intern – Maps & Graphics The New York Times
09·2014 - 06·2016 Research Fellow University of Oregon
12·2012 - 06·2015 Geospatial Analyst GLUE Research Lab

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